Archival Haikus

By: TJ Szafranski (BMRC Processign Intern)

This December marks my one year anniversary as a member of the Color Curtain Processing Project. So, what better way to celebrate than by posting these 10 archival related haikus. (That’s a normal way to celebrate, right?)

            Oversized Material

          Oh, you’re so special.
   Oh, let’s give you your own box.
          Oh, you’re such a pain


             Greeting Cards

          Birthday or Christmas,
 Get Well or Thanks, rest assured,
          Snoopy will show up


            My Favorite Pencil

            Now you’re just a nub
        But I won’t forget the times
              We had together


You Mean It Wasn’t Always Online?
             Cut out crookedly
       In all shapes, sizes, smells:
           Newspaper clippings


            Labelling Folders

          A dime for each time
    I wrote out “Correspondence”
            And I could retire


   To the Inventor of Post It Notes

   Thank you, thank you, thanks.
       Seriously, we thank you.
   Thank you, thank you, thanks.


            A Good Eraser

        They say when you meet
  the right woman, you just know.
           Same for erasers


Temperature Controlled Workspace

          Day at the office:
sweatshirt with hood up, gloves on—  
        under my white gloves


          Lessons Learned

            Now, I title my
     folders before I stuff them
        deep into my desk


             Neat or Creepy

    Spend weeks with their stuff
and you’re bound to become an
       old friend of the dead