A Tale of Three Styles

By: Olle Larson (BMRC Processing Intern)

My journey with the BMRC as an undergraduate-processing assistant has been amazing. Most of my time has be spent at University of Illinois at Chicago’s Library of Health Sciences working along side my knowledgeable graduate partner Kristin Moo. So far, we have completed three collections, each with different types of processing. Each processing type can be categorized into three different styles: true MPLP, mop up, and item level. I will describe each style and the collections briefly in the following paragraphs.

Lessons from a Novice Archivist by Elise Zerega, Novice Archivist.

By: Elise Zerega (BMRC Processing Intern)
  • People choose to save some pretty random things.

As a current history student, I find myself wondering what, if anything, I should be saving for future historians. Sometimes doing archival work, you wonder, why would anyone think this would be necessary to future historians? Dr. Margaret Burroughs, founder of the DuSable Museum of African American History, saved three to four copies of nearly every piece of correspondence sent out with regards to The Friends of the Elam Home Foundation.


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